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Updated 3 /22/ 2013

 We are a God fearing family that beleave all we have is a blessing from the Lord.  We attend the Leadwood First Church of God and will welcome you for a visit. 

 We have a small kennel 70 mi. south of St. Louis Missouri in the Park Hills (Flat River) area. We brought home our first Beagle in Dec. of 2007 and was hooked.  We have AKC Hounds some have also been registerd UKC and or NKC.  Gun dogs first and foremost but we do trial some for fun to meet people and check the progress of our dogs.  We also have made a lot of friends going to trials and on the web, The American Beagler is a good place for information and learning and are all good folks. I also spend a little time on Rabbitdogs.net it's not as well know yet and has a more close knit Family feeling to it.

 Where are we going:

 We have acquired what we feel is the right line up for the style hound we want. We didn't just pick up any ol' back yard pot licker's to start out with. (I did that once it don't work) we have put allot of time and effort into this. We are starting off with a Rock Solid proven line of dogs. If you research Laneline’s web-site you will see that they have backed up their kennel with close to 200 years of breeding experience. And I am talking Hall of Fame breeders like Dan Kane from Canada. Well known breeders Larry Parry of WV and John Toy of OH, and adding in January of 2012 the Great Shake Rag  bloodline, via Shake Rag Ozzie . From the Hall Of Fame Hounds and Breeder  Mr. Kennth Hill and sons of TN.  

 We have put all of this to work for us. I'm not reinventing the wheel here folks, just carrying on a fine line of dogs, and Line breeding the Good Old Stuff to produce Great hounds . 

 But  Seriously and  most important of all,  they  please ME.  If others like them to run this way too, thats all the better.

If you are feeling lost or maybe looking for comfort from life's troubles. Please start at our Home page and read the scripture at the bottom  of each page. or shoot me a e-mail and we will pray with you. 
Have a Super day and may God shine his face upon thee.
Steve and Vickie

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

Romans 1:20 (NIV)



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