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Some History on the hounds that make up our kennel.  It will give you a quick overview  on what our dogs are made of.

 You may also  read in more detail of the bloodlines themselves on the Strains and Story's Page.

   Sire’s and or Grand Sire's. Dam’s and Grand Dam’s


Hill's Shake Rag Ozzie ,

This is what Owner Beverly Cross had to say about him.

  With nine crosses of FC Dingus MacRae in his pedigree, Ozzie exhibits the desirable qualities of his ancestry, and is producing the same in his pups. Above medium speed, Ozzie is a good line control dog. As a gun dog,  I don’t think you could want better. He has never offered to take anything but rabbit,  he’s a natural retriever like his father and brothers, and has all the desire and hunt you could want. Ozzie has a big boomer of a mouth - a loud short bawl which he uses on the run. Put foot in your med. speed hounds without sacrificing line. 

His speed (by trialing comparisons) is somewhere between Progressive Pack and Little Pack, and he has finished in both. He’s a Grand in the field and on the bench in Little Pack, and a Champion in Progressive (he needs only to certify). He was entered into his first UKC trial January of 2005 at the age of 7, and won both the field and show. Since then he has become a UKC Hunting Beagle Champion and a UKC Grand Bench Champion.

  RIP OZZIE  June,1998 to May,2010



Also Owned  Happy Run  Calico   and reported that:

Clem’s running style would be best described as fast, straight ahead balls to  the wall....loud clear bawl mouth....run to the kill on hare, fox or deer....den digger....run all day, and the next day on sore feet....no quit....handles to voice or hand commands. I have a beautiful litter from Clem, some of which will be campaigned on fox & hare in Canada, and the rest on cottontail in the U.S. Happy Run dogs go way back to Yellow Creek breeding and have been fine-tuned over the generations by Mr. Kane for performance, extreme hunt & desire, reproducing power, solid bone for endurance, excellent disposition & kennel manners. His offspring has done well on snow or sod. RIP Clem   April,2000  to the winter of 2012.


On the Dam side we have Annie and Sandies  mom

Lanieline DonnaRae   

From the Old Larry Perry blood on top, Down and Dirty Gritty little hunters Molded  to drive a rabbit. Crossed to  Indian Run Chyanne .,  John Toy's Yellow Creek blood at it's Finest . The Old  Funnel nose hounds of  yester  year.  With just above medium speed, Hand picked  hounds by Mr. Toy himself  that ran with plenty of foot,  With the brains to gear down and walk  out the tuff checks to keep the rabbit race going. Great line that check  from point of loss,  inside to out.



 Laneline Tinkers Creek  Rosie

She is off of  Perry's Heidi .  

  Joe Lane's  favorite of the time,   The  Queen   of  Tinkers Creek .   If you look at their site you will see that her blood is in just about every pup they have put out in the past 11 years.  Her name will be in allot of pedigrees for a very, very long time .  But sadly she past on  last fall, 2012 at age 12. 

  Rosie's top side  is Lewis's Hard Time Big Slim a three fold combination  of the Hardest Hunting ,Gritty hounds in  the  U.S. which is made up from Northway Via Reffetts KY Mnt Black Magic and more of Larry Perry's stlyle Hounds such as True Grit Major ,Mill Branch Major.  And Deep Creek Jake.  Hunt, Drive , and more Hunt.


Alamo Creek Gus 

Gus comes from a long line of  Yellow Creeks about 75% and  Dingus Macrae & Indian Hills at 25%.  Gus is a cross between one of the best males from Laneline Beagles & one of the best females from Alamo Creek Beagles. Jim Lane and Mike Oszust came together to make this  cross to produce offspring that would be exceptional in nose, brains and line, while maintaining extreme hunt. Gus is a 13" male that will add these traits to what ever he is bred to, and he did,  He is the Sire to Hawk, Sassy .


As you can tell we really like the Dingus and Yellow Creek  with a pinch of Indian hills and a dash from the Gay blood line.  i have been blessed to have made friends with the Lane Brothers.   Our pups are line bred  hounds , a extension you could say of Laneline's  Kennel. Crossed with-in our kennel to produce  what we Love. The Line Running, tight checking hounds with  Extreme Hunt.  At a upper medium speed, with few or short checks. You wont find any lazy hunters in a pack of our dogs. I am to big to crawl in a brush pile  and i can't smell a rabbit.  that's their job.    I'm the one on the path drinking coffee and cutting up !!   i like it  and will not settle for less.

WHY you ask?

Well ... Because,  thanks to all the above , i don't have to...that’s why.


I hope you enjoy our site , and that God may Bless all your need's.

your friend in Beagling.


Matthew 7:12 (NKJV)

12 Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

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